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Made by applebooty.*
So as most of you may or may not know I used to own/ride/show horses. I stopped riding for cheerleading in about 9th grade which was the biggest mistake of my life but things happen. I really want to get back into it but just dont have the funds. Anyways I went to check the local news' website to see the forecast and saw a headline that caught my eye about a barn collapsing in Central Square.

....it was my old trainers barn. She breeds & rescues horses now and the barn's roof collapsed this morning on the 27 horses that were inside. Theyre all okay with minor injuries and just a bit shaken but I seriously started crying just watching the video. Poor babies :(



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--Friends cut--

No hard feelings, we just didnt click.
So Im still on hiatus because my laptop STILL isnt back yet.

But I might as well update...
Adrianna started crawling on December 29th & recieved her first tooth yesterday, January 9th. Shes been doing alright...considering being sick & teething. We are also pretty much living at the new house now which is good. Work is work...its been pretty hit or miss lately money wise...but eh, its that kind of season. So yeah. I hope everyone is doing well- Ive got to go update my Mission 101 & check MySpace.

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